Alexiss Martinez

I got recommend there from my dad so we decided to go. They Were friendly when we got there. They told us we had to replace both of our camshaft sensors and were told multiple of times we had a warranty. About a month or less later our car started having problems again. We took it to multiple of mechanics(keep in mind that we live 45 minutes away, so we didn’t want to drive that far until we knew for sure) so we found out that it was in fact the camshaft sensors. So we went back knowing we had the warranty for free. We went there and they told us it was not the sensors and it was because we had low oil(which we did, but fixed) they did not try to help and were very rude. We left still having issues with it starting and had to go to another mechanic to pay 300 for them to fix the sensors WHICH WE HAD A FREE WARRANTY TO FIX. Do not come here they will not try to help u resolve the issue. If I could give 0 stars I would. We wasted about 400 dollars to have it mess up and not get replaced

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