Emissions Test Repair

Failed Emissions?

If a vehicle fails an emissions inspection, it may indicate that something is wrong with your vehicles emissions control system. Granite Reef Service Center can perform a diagnostic test if your car failed an emissions test to determine exactly what’s going on under the hood.

Here are a few maintenance procedures that should be performed to ensure your vehicle run cleanly and at its best performance.

  • Clean fuel injectors – Dirty fuel injectors cannot create the fine mist required for a successful ignition. Dirty fuel injectors squirt a solid jet which sits at the bottom of the chamber and much of the fuel is wasted.
  • Engine air filter – a clean air filter will make sure that there is no obstruction of air. Because there needs to be a specific mixture of air and fuel going into the combustion chamber, a blocked up air filter can cause a portion of the fuel to go to waste.
  • Catalytic Converter – The catalytic converter is one of the components that your vehicle uses to reduce noxious emissions. One of their downsides is that they are prone to overheating if the level of unused gas from the engine is excessive. If your catalytic converter is no longer functioning, a replacement can help you with a passing score. However, finding the cause of the failure is very important before spending the money on an expensive replacement.
  • Proper tire pressure – if the proper tire pressure will make sure that your engine is not working overtime to get the same work done. This will save you precious fuel in amounts that can be quite surprising.

Not surprisingly, your vehicle is actually designed to be relatively fuel efficient. The real trick is making sure that your vehicle is operating at factory specifications to get the best fuel economy available.